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Koenzedd Car
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Product Description

Race in the ultimate sports car known as the Koenzedd! A unique and beautiful design built in high quality and features an interior.

Moveable parts include:

-Opening doors
-Moving the steering wheel
-Rotating Speedometer Dials
-Turn wheels
-Adjust seats
-Lift Handbrake
-Open hood (which is a storage compartment)
-Detachable spoiler
-Switch gears
-Press pedals
and more!

The car also has high quality textures to increase realism. The doors open as a regular car would but can also rotate upward with a little adjustment as there is an additional swivel which controls the doors movement.


EDIT: Car has been updated with a newer body design and minor structural change.

OBJ included for other use



Compatible with Daz studio 2.3 or later and Poser 7 or later


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