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Superhero Weapons
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Product Description

Not all superheroes are born with powers… some require weapons! The superhero weapons back provides just that and gives those the power to wield it a fighting chance. Included in the pack are 8 weapons:

-Bow and arrow
-Ninja style sword (with sheath)
-Large blade sword
-Techno spear
-Guns (with holsters)
-Utility belt

Also included are basic poses to get you started with your battle sequence. (2 action poses per weapon- belt exempt)
Totalling 14 unique poses

Note that some items are designed for Michael 4 and some designed for Victoria 4:
Michael (shield, bow and arrow, sword, large blade sword, Hammer)
Victoria (spear, guns, utility belt)
Designed in such a way that the props could be transformed to work on other characters

OBJs included for other use



Compatible with Daz studio 2.3 or later and Poser 7 or later


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