Vyro Car


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Vyro Car
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Product Description

The Vyro car is an eye catching sports vehicle with a very technological look. Equipped with a functional exterior and interior it’s designed realistically and allows:
Opening doors
Opening the Hood (a storage compartment)
Opening the glove compartment
Turning the wheels
Turning the steering wheel
Adjusting seats
Using indicators
Using pedals
Using indicators
And using gears!
(some other small items are separated too in case they require interaction)

The car body is parented to a master object so you can tilt the body independently of the wheels in case you need to show weight inside the vehicle. Optimally designed to maintain quality and save PC resources.
Note that these car doors open backwards. Yes, you read correctly, the swivel is at the back end of the car door, see promo for example.

OBJ included for other use



Compatible with Daz studio 2.3 or later and Poser 7 or later


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