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Luxury Yacht
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Product Description

The Luxury Yacht offers the option of a full-scale living space but in the open sea! From lounges to bedrooms and everything in between , this product has it all- even down to the engine!

Item includes:
4x indoor lounges
3x dining areas
7x bedrooms (2 ensuite)
2x bathrooms
bridge (AKA control room)
Jacuzzi area
pool area
boat garage (if you have smaller boats/jet skis that need storage)
engine room
top floor seating area

There are 7 levels in total and an elevator passes through all of them- starting at the engine room and ending at the helipad. There are stairways in addition as alternatives in case of digital elevator failure 😛
Also included are various loading options due to the high amount of props (over 1000!)
-load the entire product
-load each level (7)
-load the exterior with outside furniture (no interior- good for external renders)
-load each room individually

Built optimally but still a powerful PC is recommended!

OBJs available on request


A diagram has been created to give you a better view of the Luxury Yacht’s layout:




Compatible with Daz studio 2.3 or later and Poser 7 or later


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