Media Remotes


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Media Remotes
Media Remotes

Product Description

Ever had media devices in your scene but no remotes? Then you’d have to pretend like they all went missing or they’re neatly packed away in a cupboard because every normal person does that… Well not anymore!

The Media remotes freebie contains a pack of 10 unnecessarily highly-detailed remote controls of diverse appearance to add realism to your scene, They’re so detailed that you could get a close up of them. What’s more is that there is a color inverted version of each remote so if you laid all of them out it would look like 20 unique remotes!
As an extra, if you own an inLite Studio house/apartment, you may find that there’s a corresponding manufacturer name between the TVs and remotes 😉

Note that the buttons aren’t depressible as there are too few renders that would require such functionality.

OBJs included for other use.


Compatible with Daz studio 2.3 or later and Poser 7 or later


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